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DW, EuroMaxx: What's your favorite summertime sport?

What's your favorite summertime sport?

Summer means something special, especially for sport and leisure. Some outdoor activities are more fun when it's warm outside. What sports do you like to do during the hottest time of the year? - DW Euromaxx desire to know about your story. Let's join, DW Euromaxx contest, "What's your favorite summertime sport?" and you could win a stand-up paddling set. 

DW, EuroMaxx: What's your favorite summertime sport? details

This summer, the sun is shining, the skies are blue, and June marks the meteorological beginning of summertime in the northern hemisphere of Germany. In this heartfelt season, going outdoors to do sports is very common, and there is a wide range of outdoor activities to choose from on those huge extensive lists.

Stand-Up Paddling or SUP is one of the trending outdoor sport.  Currently, it has become increasingly popular all over the world. It's combined fun to be out on a board, gliding on the water, paddling, and enjoying the views and the hot summer temperatures. Stand-up paddling also means workout for the whole body. 

Now it is your turn to choose your favorite sport from the following: 

(just click on the name of the sport, and you will be on the entry form)

Rules of the competition (terms and conditions)

This contest has some conditions that shall apply. Here are the details: 
  1. Participants agree to publish the material received and their identity and country of origin (e-mail addresses will not be published) by contributing comments, photographs, videos, audio files, and postings.
  2. DW reserves the right to check, edit or shorten submissions for editorial purposes. 
  3. DW also reserves the right of publication. Please note that the comments posted are the views and opinions of our users and do not in any way represent the views or opinions of the management and staff of DW.
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  7. The winners will not be able to replace or modify their rewards. Cash payments will not be accepted; instead, prizes.
  8. All decisions are final.
  9. The closing date for entries is 13 August 2021, 12 noon UTC. Good luck!

For more details on this contest, please visit DW Contest Term and Conditions. 

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